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nac Image Technology signs a distribution agreement with MESSRING

December 6, 2022

nac Image Technology Inc., a market pioneer in high-speed imaging products and solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with MESSRING GmbH, the leading global crash test technology provider. [more…]

NAC Image Technology - 'Memrecam GO' Debut!!!

August 2022

NAC, a leading Digital High Speed Camera manufacturer, introduces the latest in high speed imaging innovation with their newest Memrecam GO series cameras. The Memrecam GO platform combines a compact, lightweight, portable form factor with incredible performance. [more…]

NAC Image Technology announces Further Enhancement of the Memrecam ACS High Speed Camera Family

August 2021

NAC is pleased to announce that our fastest camera line just got even faster! With a significant improvement to NAC’s patented Boost Mode technology, our industry leading ACS-1 M60 camera now offers a blistering 150,000 frames per second at a 1280 x 896 resolution. For those needing even more speed, the improved Boost Mode also allows for 300,000fps at 1280 x 384 resolution. [more…]

A tribute to Semih Sinik

August 2020

Last month the NAC family lost one of its own as our friend and colleague, Semih Sinik, passed away. Semih was a fixture and a pioneer in the high speed camera world. He started his career at Kodak in 1966 and over 25 years, he worked his way up to National Accounts Manager in Kodak's Motion Analysis Systems Division. After his Kodak days, Semih founded Itronx Imaging in 1991 where he built a stellar reputation over the next 29 years including his work as NAC’s exclusive distributor for the West Coast. [more…]

More performance to the Memerecam Q Series & MX Series

August 2020

NAC is pleased to announce the latest additions to the very successful Q series and MX Series of ultra-compact high speed cameras with the introduction of the Memrecam Q2m & M3-Cam. The Q2m brings even higher performance compared to its predecessors, boasting full 1920 x 1080 HD images at up to 2,000fps with even higher frame rates at reduced resolutions. All this performance is packed into an incredibly small, rugged, lightweight package, [more…]

NAC Welcomes two stellar distribution partners

August 2020

NAC is pleased to announce that we have formally signed contracts with Mr. Moni Avalos of South Central Imaging and Mr. Peter Schmitz of Quantum Technologies to cover the central United States for NAC Americas. [more…]

NAC Continues Pushing the Edge of Imaging Technology by Introducing the ACS-1 M60

May 2020

Building on the success of the world's first 40Gpixel/sec camera introduced in late 2018, NAC is pleased to announce the first 60Gpixel/sec camera - the Memrecam ACS-1 M60. The ACS-1 M60 provides one-megapixel images at an incredible 60,000 frames per second in high quality mode and an unreal 100,000fps in NAC's proprietary boost mode. [more…]

NAC Establishes NAC Americas Inc.

May 2020

On April 1, 2020, NAC established a new entity, "NAC Americas Inc.", with offices in Salem, MA. The creation of a new business entity based in the Americas demonstrates NAC's renewed commitment to growing their North and South American High Speed Camera markets. [more…]

NAC Establishes new US Service Center

May 2020

NAC is pleased to announce the opening of the new "NAC US Service Center" in Howell (MI), near Detroit. The NAC North American Service Center is located in close proximity to key centers of research, automotive, and automation, and is also central to offer support all North American customers. [more…]

The future has arrived with the NAC MEMRECAM ACS, the world's first 40 GPX frames per second, high-speed digital video camera!

July 2019

Versatile and compact in its powerful format, the NAC MEMRECAM ACS is the world's first 40 gigapixel (GPX) frames per second, high-speed digital video camera. Weighing just 16 pounds, the ACS delivers faster speed - up to 40,000 frames per second (FPS), light sensitivity of up to 50,000 ISO with no gain/amplification, and is 60% smaller than its closest competitor. Armed with a 256GB dram onboard memory AND an optional one terabyte (1TB) capability via built-in solid state memory drive, it also offers a high speed connection to an external drive providing never-before reached on-board memory capability. Best of all, the ACS is user-friendly, providing a completely intact computer-less operation that utilizes non-proprietary, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) accessories. With all of its capabilities, nothing comes close to achieving the performance or results now available with the MEMRECAM ACS. [more…]

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