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The World's First 40 Gigapixel per Second High Speed Video Camera

October 2018

nac is pleased to announce the world's first 40 gigapixel per second high speed video camera. The Latin word Acies (ACS for short) is defined as the full attention of one's sight, and senses, as directed towards a particular object. Based on that description, what an appropriate name for nac's new MEMRECAM high speed system! [more…]

Educational Multipurpose Motion Capture System Promotion $39,999*

October 2018

Motion Analysis Corporation announces a fall promotion for universities worldwide. Motion Capture Solutions are used in many industries, and students need to prepare for employment in new and emerging market. This promotional package includes a complete suite of application tools to provide skills necessary to compete and succeed…at a very affordable price. [more…]

NIT Americas partners with Motion Analysis Corporation to provide 3D Motion Capture Solutions

October 2018

Motion Analysis Corporation has been at the forefront of motion capture technology since its founding over 30 years ago. NIT Americas, an affiliate of nac Image Technology has teamed with Motion Analysis Corporation as representatives for 3D motion capture solutions in North America. Motion Analysis Corporation provides accurate, expandable motion capture systems for Sports Biomechanics, Industrial Design & Ergonomics, Health & Rehabilitation Research, and other Movement Analysis applications. [more…]

MIT High Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis

April 2018

NAC Image Technology will again be presenting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology short course on High Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis: Systems and Techniques. [more…]

nac brings onboard Expert Digital Imaging led by Matt Kearney

November 2017

nac Image Technology welcomes to our team Expert Digital Imaging, led by high speed imaging expert, Matt Kearney. His knowledge of high speed imaging applications combined with his years of experience make him one of the foremost experts in the high speed imaging world. [more…]

nac introduces ultimate automotive solution: MEMRECAM MX High Speed Camera Systems

October 2017

nac is pleased to introduce the ultimate automotive solution: MEMRECAM MX High Speed Camera Systems, consisting of the MX-5 4-Port Integrated Processing Unit and the M-Cam Full HD Ultra Compact Camera Heads. The nac MEMRECAM MX is a robust, turnkey solution for multi-camera onboard and offboard automotive testing applications. [more…]

Office of Secretary of Defense awards NIT Americas Inc. the ESGR Patriot Award

June 2017

The Office of the Secretary of Defense presented NIT Americas Inc. management team the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Patriot Award, presented to Employers who go above and beyond to support the Soldier's mission and obligatory duties to his or her Nation. [more…]

University of Michigan Adopts Ultra High Speed for High-End Research Applications

May 2017

Researchers at the University of Michigan's Plasma, Pulsed Power, and Microwave Laboratory (PPML) in Ann Arbor are using the Ultra UHSi 12/24 Ultra High Speed Framing Camera, a 200 million frame per second intensified camera capable of capturing the development of instabilities on the edge of an imploding plasma column. [more…]

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