World's First 60 Gigapixel Per Second High Speed Video Camera

High Speed / High Resolution

  • 1280 X 800 60,000fps (M60)
  • 1280 X 896 100,000fps (M60)*1
  • 1280 X 896 150,000fps (M60) *2
    *1 In Boost mode
    *2 In Boost4 mode

Long Recording Time / Faster Data Transfer

  • 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
  • Faster Data Transfer to Optional SSD

High Sensitivity / High Quality

  • Color ISO ~40,000 / Mono ISO ~200,000
  • Superior High Dynamic Range
  • User Selectable Bit Depth


  • Dimension: 175W X 175H X 206D mm
  • Weight: Approx. 7.3kg

The Latin word Acies (ACS for short) is defined as the full attention of one's sight and senses, as directed towards a particular object. Based on that description, what an appropriate name for nac's new MEMRECAM high speed camera system!

Additional Product Details


High Speed and High Resolution
The ACS-1 M60 offers full frame, 1280 x 896 resolution up to 54,000fps, 1280 x 800 resolution at 60,000fps and 1280 x 448 resolution at 100,000fps in normal mode. Frame rates up to 1 million fps are available with reduced resolutions. At an incredible 60 Gigapixels per second, the ACS-1 M60 offers frame rate and resolution combinations that are far superior to any other high-speed cameras in its class.

Boost Mode/Boost4 Mode
Boost Mode *1 combines nac's unique sensor technology with a proprietary signal processing method to increase frame rate and resolution with little or no image degradation. This is a powerful tool for any application requiring higher frame rates and larger resolutions.

*1 Boost Mode is currently available on monochrome models only.

Boost up Frame Rates
@1280 x 896 pixels (M60)
Normal Mode: 50,000fps -> Boost Mode: 100,000fps -> Boost4 Mode: 150,000fps

Boost up Resolutions
@150,000fps (M60)
Normal Mode: 1280x288 pixels -> Boost Mode: 1280x544 pixels -> Boost4 Mode: 1280x896 pixels

Boost Mode Example: Both images taken at same frame rate (Left: Normal Mode, Right: Boost Mode)

High Light Sensitivity ISO 100,000
All ACS series cameras are equipped with state-of-the-art CMOS sensors featuring extremely high light sensitivity (monochrome ISO 100,000). Even in low light environments, the ACS produces bright, dynamic, and crisp images, making the ACS-1 M60 an ideal tool for high magnification and microscope applications – no need for bright lights on heat sensitive subjects.

Conventional Model


Image Trigger
The Image Trigger is a unique function that automatically triggers the camera by detecting a small brightness change in a user defined Area of Interest (AOI) within the live image. This allows users to trigger the ACS camera by detecting changes in the image due to motion or variations in light intensity where a traditional trigger signal may not be available. With most image based triggers, brightness changes in the entire field of view is required to detect an event. With the ACS, users can define an image trigger AOI as small as 21x16 pixels within the entire image. This allows for much more accurate image triggering to capture elusive events where even the smallest image change can be detected and captured.

Large Memory Capacity and Memory Segmentation
The ACS-1 can accommodate up to 256GB of onboard DRAM, allowing for longer recording times compared to most traditional high-speed cameras. In addition, an optional one terabyte (1TB) built-in SSD storage drive is available, allowing high-speed transfer of image data directly from camera memory to mass storage media. The ACS also features Memory Segmentation which allows users to divide the available memory into several shorter segments, enabling repeated recordings to be made in quick succession without the delay of downloading images to a PC. Once all the memory segments are recorded, the user can select which segments to download.

Easy Synchronization of Multiple Cameras
With both SYNC-IN and SYNC-OUT connectors on its rear panel, the ACS offers incredibly simple and accurate camera synchronization. ACS cameras can be synchronized to each other using a single sync cable. No trigger distribution boxes or external sync devices are required.

Super-Fast download speed with USB3.0B
Using a USB3.0 Micro-B connection, the ACS offers super-fast image download over an industry standard interface. With download speeds in excess of 325MB/second *2 , large image sequences can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Using the ACS's DOWNLOAD REC function, the user can continue recording images while transferring previously recorded data to PC or SSD in the background, creating a much more efficient workflow. Images can be downloaded directly to any attached USB3.0 (or USB2.0) external device with no PC necessary *3

*2: Download rates are dependent on PC performance.
*3: An optional V-PAD is required to transfer the data without PC.

V-PAD Touchscreen Monitor for ACS series
No PC, no problem! The ACS series V-PAD offers a beautiful HD viewfinder with full touchscreen camera control. Whether you are out in the field or in a restricted area where PC control is not practical, the V-PAD allows for full control of the ACS camera – from setup, to capture, to review, to saving – all with an intuitive touch screen interface.

Comparison Table of nac High-Speed Cameras


Model ACS-1 M60 ACS-1 M40
Sensor 1.14M Pixel CMOS sensor
ISO (REI) Color ISO5,000~40,000 / Mono ISO25,000~200,000
Electric Shutter 1/10~1/2,500,000sec 1/10~1/1,666,666sec
Memory*1 64GB/128GB/256GB
Memory Segment Up to 64 Segments selectable
Built-in SSD*2 Faster Image Download to Built-in SSD. Backup Image data while recording
Recording Time Approx. 2.8 sec
Normal Mode
(12bit, 60,000fps,
1,280x800pixel, 256GB)
Approx. 4.2 sec
Normal Mode
(12bit, 40,000fps,
1,280x800pixel, 256GB)
Approx. 3.0 sec
Boost Mode
(12bit, 100,000fps,
1,280x896pixel, 256GB)
Approx. 4.6 sec
Boost Mode
(12bit, 65,000fps,
1,280x896pixel, 256GB)
Approx. 4.0 sec
Boost4 Mode
(12bit, 150,000fps,
1,280x896pixel, 256GB)
Approx. 5.0 sec
Boost4 Mode
(12bit, 120,000fps,
1,280x896pixel, 256GB)
Bit Depth 8/10/12bit selectable
Lens Mount*2 F-mount (supports lenses without iris ring)
C-mount and EF-mount interchangeable
Input Signal EST, Trigger (Contact Closure and TTL), IRIG-B (AM), ARM CMD, and PWR CTL
Output Signal Exposure pulse, ARM status, FAULT status, Display Port, Trigger, and VD OUT
Trigger Mode NORMAL, EVENT, BURST, MULTI, LINEAR and others
Interface 1,000Base-T, USB3.0B, USB3.0, and USB2.0
Control Software MLink (included with camera)
Power 20~32VDC (supplied by the optional AC Adapter)
Dimensions*3 Approx. 175W x 175W x206D mm
Weight*4 Approx. 7.3kg

Other Functions

Boost Mode Proprietary sensor and signal processing method to increase frame rate and resolution over Standard Mode
Auto Black Balance Mechanical Calibration Shutter
Sync Rec Full synchronized recording is available with GX-HUB.*2
Frame Straddling Shooting Record continuous image pairs for PIV analysis
Support minimum 210ns laser pulse
Dual Frame Rates Switchable between High and Low Speed recording
Low speed can be set between 1/2~1/100 of High Speed Recording.
DOWNLOAD REC Recording to a memory segment in parallel with downloading to another memory segment
Image Trigger Triggered by detected shifts in pixel intensity.
AOI as small as 21 x 16 pixels
Post Trigger Delay Trigger. Duration from trigger input to starting rec can be set up to 65,536 frame or 10 minutes.
AND/OR Trigger AND or OR conditions can be programmed for trigger signals input to TRIG1 and 2.
Trigger Reset Start exposing when trigger signal is input
EST Sync Mode Sync with external signal
CAM MODE LED Status: LED: View/Arm/Rec



Fan Control Pause/Auto fan control/Forced cooling mode

*1 Selectable at the time of ordering
*2 Optional accessories
*3 Dimensions without handle or optional accessories
*4 Weight without accessories
*5 Boost Mode is available only with Mono models.
Specifications described above are subject to change without notice.

Sample Recording Times

ACS-1 M60

Frame Rate Pixel Recording Time in sec.
(fps) H V 64GB 128GB 256GB
~54,000 1280 896 0.70 1.40 2.81
60,000 1280 800 0.70 1.41 2.84
75,000 1280 624 0.72 1.45 2.91
100,000 1280 448 0.76 1.52 3.04
200,000 1280 192 0.88 1.77 3.55
300,000 1280 96 1.18 2.36 4.73
400,000 1280 48 1.77 3.54 7.1
500,000 1280 32 2.12 4.25 8.52
700,000 1280 16 3.04 6.08 12.17
1,000,000 1280 16 2.12 4.25 8.52

ACS-1 M40

Frame Rate Pixel Recording Time in sec.
(fps) H V 64GB 128GB 256GB
~35,000 1280 896 1.08 2.17 4.34
40,000 1280 800 1.06 2.12 4.26
50,000 1280 640 1.06 2.12 4.26
60,000 1280 528 1.07 2.15 4.30
75,000 1280 400 1.13 2.27 4.54
100,000 1280 288 1.18 2.36 4.74
200,000 1280 112 1.52 3.04 6.08
300,000 1280 48 2.36 4.73 9.46
400,000 1280 32 2.66 5.32 10.65
500,000 1280 16 4.25 8.51 17.04
700,000 1280 16 3.04 6.08 12.17

* Recording Time is with 12-bit recording in Normal Mode (without memory segmentation and block partitioning)
* H x V Resolutions can be specified as per the unit of 16x16 pixels (When in Normal Mode).

Resolution Chart

ACS-1 M60
Frame Rate
Normal Mode
Boost Mode *5
Boost4 Mode *5
HxV (pixel)
50~54,000 1280×896 - -
60,000 1280×800 1280×896 -
65,000 1280×736 1280×896 -
75,000 1280×624 1280×896 -
100,000 1280×448 1280×896 -
120,000 1280×368 1280×704 1280x896
150,000 1280×288 1280×544 1280x896
200,000 1280×192 1280×384 1280x768
300,000 1280×96 1280×192 1280x384
400,000 1280×48 1280×96 1280x192
500,000 1280×32 1280×64 1280x128
700,000 1280×16 1280×32 1280x64
1,000,000 1280×16 1280×32 -
ACS-1 M40
Frame Rate
Normal Mode
Boost Mode *5
Boost4 Mode *5
50~35,000 1280×896 - -
40,000 1280×800 1280×896 -
45,000 1280×720 1280×896 -
50,000 1280×640 1280×896 -
60,000 1280×528 1280×896 -
65,000 1280×480 1280×896 -
75,000 1280×400 1280×800 1280x896
100,000 1280×288 1280×576 1280x896
120,000 1280×224 1280×448 1280x896
150,000 1280×176 1280×352 1280x704
200,000 1280×112 1280×224 1280x448
300,000 1280×48 1280×96 1280x192
400,000 1280×32 1280×64 1280x128
500,000 1280×16 1280×32 1280x64
700,000 1280×16 1280×32 1280x64

*5 Boost Mode is available only with Mono models.


Standard Configurations
  • ACS Camera
  • Tripod Plate
  • Standard Comm. Cable
  • NAC Control Software MLink
  • Operation Manual
Custom Options Available
  • AC Adapter (Power Supply)
  • F-Mount adapter
  • C-Mount Adapter
  • EF-Mount Adapter
  • V-PAD
  • Analog Wave Inserter
  • Built-in SSD
  • AUX Cable
  • SYNC Cable
  • Carrying Case

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