High Speed Camera for Automotive / Military / Academic / Industry / R&D / Testing
The compact, self-contained, even higher performance, Hi-G Camera System

Photo of MEMRECAM Q2m High Speed Camera

High Speed / High Resolution

  • 1920 x 1080 (2M Pixel)
  • 1M Pixel Resolution at 5,000fps
  • 2M Pixel Resolution at 2,000fps

Faster Data Transfer

  • Ultra-Fast Gig-E Interface with DataLock

High Sensitivity / High Quality

  • ISO 8,000 (Color) 32,000 (Mono)
  • User Selectable Bit Depth

Compact / Durable

  • Dimension: W62 x H62 x D87.5mm
  • Weight: Approx. 670g
  • Hi-G Capability 200G

Additional Product Details


  • Full HD @ 2,000fps
  • Maximum Framing Rate: 100,000fps
  • Phenomenal Light Sensitivity: ISO 8,000 (Color)
  • Self-Contained Compact Camera Design: 62x62x87.5mm
  • Ruggedized Camera System:
    MEMRECAM Q2m Camera is designed to withstand up to 200G shock, so is suited for use in harsh environment e.g. vehicle testing application
  • C-Mount Lens is standard: Sensor uses a 4/3-inch optical format
  • Built-in Hi-G Trigger Circuit (Auto-trigger by G-Sensor)
  • Built-in Memory Back-up
  • Gig-E Communications: Supports simultaneous download of multiple MEMRECAM Cameras
  • Multi-Camera Operation with Precise Synchronization
  • Power Input: 18-36 VDC
  • Power Consumption : Max 24W (at 36V-in, Ta = 40℃)

Full HD at 2,000fps
The Q2m offers full HD, 1280 x 1080-pixel resolution, up to 2,000fps and the maximum frame rate is 100,000fps. The camera equips a C-mount for small and lightweight lenses. The electric shutter can be set up to 1.1μsec. The maximum memory size is 16GB and you can record Full HD images at 2,000fps for 3.2 seconds.

Automobile crash test

Phenomenal Light Sensitivity: Color ISO 8,000 and Mono ISO 32,000
The Q2m utilizes an extremely light sensitive image sensor. You can record high-speed images with less amount of light and it helps shooting heat-sensitive objects.

MEMRECAM Q2m light sensitivity

MEMRECAM Q1m light sensitivity



Small and Lightweight Camera
The Q2m is 62 x 62 x 87.5 mm and 670g.
The camera is designed for On Board and Off Board applications where size limitations are a consideration.

Q2m camera resting on palm of hand

Ruggedized Camera Body with Built-in Memory Backup
The Q2m features the impact resistance up to 200G, so can be used as an on-board camera of automobile crash test and also mobile robot arm for welding, The camera equips the built-in battery for memory backup and the recorded data is retained for 1 hour without supplying power.

Q2m ruggedized camera body

The Q2m can be trigged by shock using the built-in G-Sensor. In addition to general tape switch to trigger the camera, the G-Sensor can trigger the camera when a certain shock is applied. It can be used when the trigger signal is not available and the situation to setup the G-Sensor as a fall-back of the tape switch or other trigger signal.

Photo of crash test dummy

Remote Control with MLink Mobile
MLink Mobile is an App to control the Q2m with a tablet PC and/or smart phone. The App support people to confirm appropriate focus, brightness, framing and others. In case of repeating tests, you can overlay a previously shot picture with a live image to help recreating the same frame as before. After shooting, length and angle analysis is possible without downloading the data to the control PC to check the test results quickly.

Focus Assist

Framing Assist with Overlay

Length and Angle Analysis with MLink Mobile

Comparison of Frame Rates for NAC High Speed Cameras


Sensor 2.07M Pixel CMOS sensor
Active Pixel 1920 X 1080
ISO (REI) Color ISO 8,000 / Mono ISO 32,000
Electric Shutter Global, 1/100~1/909,090 sec. (1.1us)
Memory*1 8GB / 16GB
Memory Segment Up to 32 Segments
Bit Depth 8bit / 10bit
Lens Mount C-mount
Record Time 8.2 sec (8bit)
6.5 sec (10bit)
*1920 x 1080 @1,000fps with 16GB memory
Input Signal Trigger, SYNC IN (IRIG/1kHz), POWER-CTL (5VTTL isolation IF)
Output Signal Exposure pulse, ARM status, SYNC OUT (IRIG/1kHz)
Interface 1000BASE-T
Impact Resistance 150G (6 axis) Half Sign 11ms
200G (6 axis) Half Sign 7ms
Auto Trigger Function Triggered by shock using built-in G-sensor capable of measuring up to 200G, 3-axis
Memory Backup Time Approximately 1 hour
Control Software Mlink (included with camera)
Power 18-36VDC (supplied by the optional AC Adapter)
Dimensions*2 W62 × H62 × D87.5mm
Weight*3 670g

*1 Selectable at the time of ordering
*2 Dimensions without handle or optional accessories
*3 Weight without accessories
Specifications described above are subject to change without notice.

Sample Recording Times and Resolution

Frame Rate Resolutions Recording Time *
(fps) H V (sec)
50~1,000 1920 1080 164.96~8.24
2,000 1920 1080 4.12
2,500 1920 1024 3.47
3,000 1920 768 3.86
3,500 1920 720 3.53
4,000 1920 576 3.86
5,000 1920 512 3.47
6,000 1920 384 3.86
8,000 1920 320 3.47
9,000 1920 288 3.43
10,000 1920 240 3.71
20,000 1920 96 4.63
30,000 1920 64 4.63
40,000 1920 48 4.63
50,000 1920 32 5.56
80,000 1920 16 6.95
100,000 1920 8 11.13

*Recording Time with 16GB memory and 8-bit recording
*Multiple of 18 can be set at H Resolution regardless of Frame Rate.


Standard Configurations
  • Memrecam Q2m
  • Built-in Memory (8/16GB)
  • C-Mount
  • Tripod Plate
  • NAC Control Software MLink
  • Operation Manual
  • AC Adapter (Power Supply)
  • Carrying Case
  • Q-Cam I/O Cable
  • Hi-G lens
  • Q-Hub for multiple camera operation
  • Q-Hub Remote Cable (1~15m)

Specifications are subject to change without notice

Configuration Overview

A. Single Camera System

Example single camera system configuration

B. Multiple Camera System

Example multi-headed camera system configuration

Up to four (4) Q Series units (Q1m, Q1v, Q2m, and Q5) can be connected to a Q-HUB to achieve precise synchronization among the units and to supply power. More cameras can be configured with additional Q-HUB.

C. MEMRECAM platform system

Example system configured with both ACS, HX and GX series cameras

The multiple Q Series system can be configured with nac MEMRECAM platform cameras (i.e. MEMRECAM ACS, HX and GX Series Cameras) with the GX-HUB. All the networked cameras are fully synchronized each other with simple cabling.

Q Series MEMRECAM Data Sheet

MEMRECAM Q2m Data Sheet