World's smallest, self contained Hi-G Cameras – the MEMRECAM Q1 Series

Discontinuation Notice - Limited Availability

Our MEMRECAM Q1 product line has reached end-of-life and is being phased out of production. During this transition, the Q1m and Q1v availability is limited to monochrome format only. Color models are no longer available. For customers needing color format support, we recommend our MEMRECAM Q2m and other products lines.

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Q1m: The MEMRECAM Q1m Series boasts a 1.3 Mega Pixel sensor and is capable of recording brilliant color images at full resolution at up to 2,000 fps.
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Q1v: The MEMRECAM Q1v captures images with VGA resolution at up to 8,000 fps, but provides unparalleled light sensitivity at up to 50,000 ISO!

Additional Product Details


  • The MEMRECAM Q1 Series cameras can operate as single stand alone cameras, or in a synchronized multi-camera system
  • Compact, rugged design – can withstand 150G shock for 10ms
  • Built-in Memory Backup is a standard feature (Up to 1 hour)
  • 2/3-inch format supports standard C-mount and custom Hi-G lenses
  • 62 (H) x 62 (W) x 65mm (D) , Approx. 470g.
  • Fully integratable with existing GX and HX Cameras
  • Supports simultaneous download of multiple MEMRECAM cameras
  • Power Input: 20-32 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 20W


Resolution 1,280 x 1,024 640 x 480
Frame Rate 2,000 8,000
Sensitivity (color) ISO 1,000 IQ-mode
ISO 3,200 S-mode
ISO 8,000 IQ-mode
ISO 25,000 S-mode
Sensitivity (mono) ISO 6,400 IQ-mode
ISO 20,000 S-mode
ISO 50,000 IQ-mode
ISO 160,000 S-mode
Bit Density 8/10/12 bits
Recording Time SXGA 1 sec (4GB) / 2 sec (8GB) @ 2,000 fps, 12 bit
VGA 4 sec (4GB) / 9 sec (8GB) @ 2,000 fps, 12 bit
Memory Backup Time Approximately 1 Hour (8GB model)
Dimensions & Weight 62 x 62 x 65mm, Approx. 470g.
Lens Mount C-Mount – 2/3” Lenses
Shock 150G/10msec
LED Indicators Cam. Mode/Cam. STS/Ethernet/Battery
Auto-trigger Function Cameras can be triggered by shock using built-in G-sensor
Capable of measuring up to 200G, 3-axis
Download Speed 90Mbyte/sec
*Specifications subject to change


MEMRECAM Q high speed camera control hub

Multi-camera communication, trigger, sync & Power distribution hub is available with or without an onboard battery.


MEMRECAM Q1 Series Data Sheet