High Speed Camera Systems

The world's most versatile onboard and offboard camera system designed for critical dynamic applications.

The nac MEMRECAM MX is a robust, turnkey solution for multi-camera onboard and offboard automotive testing and occupant safety applications. Each system supports up to eight, tightly synchronized camera views, and integrates seamlessly with all current and legacy MEMRECAM imaging systems.

The M Series utilizes extremely light sensitive image sensors, providing brilliant images complete with up to 8GB per camera view of memory and built-in memory backup protection. The Integrated Processing Unit provides power, communications, trigger and synchronization for up to eight M-Cam's, and provides the interconnect technology for integration with all MEMRECAM platforms. All components are compact, light weight, and ruggedized.

The flexible MEMRECAM MX high speed camera system is a truly ideal solution for all automotive testing needs.


  • Full HD @ 2,000FPS
  • Phenomenal Light Sensitivity
  • Lens Mount Options: C-Mount and MFT-Mount
  • "On Board", Hi-G Camera Head Options
  • "Off Board", Ruggedized Camera Head with Remote Control
  • Ultra-Small, Lightweight Camera Heads
  • Reliable Thin Cable 7mm (OD) up to 40m long
  • Built-in Memory Backup
  • Electronic Shutter
  • Hi-G Compact Processing Unit
  • Multiple Camera Operation with Precise Synchronization
  • Camera Control, Viewing and Setup via PC or Tablet (wired/wireless LAN)
  • MEMRECAM MX System is Backward Compatible with all MEMRECAM Platforms
  • Cameras can be triggered by Shock Using Built-in G-Sensor

Three Camera Heads


The M-Cam is designed for both "On Board" and "Off Board" use, making it the most flexible camera head available. This camera head operates via a single cable that can range in length from 5m to 40m long and offers full HD resolution at up to 2,000 fps.


The M-Cam MFT is designed for "Off Board" use. This camera head is compatible with Micro Four Thirds optics. This enables electric control for focus, aperture, and zoom with Micro Four Thirds lenses while maintaining phenomenal light sensitivity and full HD resolution at 2,000 fps. The M-Cam MFT enables lens control from remote locations such as the ceiling of crash test sites, underground pits, remote shooting of military applications, etc…


The M2-Cam is designed for On-board applications where size limitations are a consideration. The M2-Cam offers mega pixel resolution, high frame rates, and incredible light sensitivity in a package that enables imaging in areas that are otherwise inaccessible

Two Integrated Processing Units

Four (4) Port Unit

  • Hi-G, Compact, Light Weight
  • Up to 4 cameras
  • Flexible, thin 7mm cable up to 40m long
  • Remote Multi-Camera Control
  • Backward Compatible with All MEMRECAM Platforms

Eight (8) Port Unit

  • Hi-G, Compact, Light Weight
  • Up to 8 cameras
  • Flexible, thin 7mm cable up to 40m long
  • Remote Multi-Camera Control
  • Backward Compatible with All MEMRECAM Platforms


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