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Updated: nac High Speed Camera Sporting Coverage Including 2008 Olympics

Monday, June 24, 2008

nac High-Speed Cameras continue setting the bar for their incredibly detailed slow motion images in coverage of prestigious sporting events around the world!

nac High Speed Cameras internationally:

ARRI Media, in London, provides for the sale and rental of nac High-Speed Cameras in Europe, Australia and Africa for all applications involving Television Broadcast and Commercial Film Production. See an update of ARRI Media’s year in this market which will climax in August with the Summer Olympics in Beijing – Around the World at 300fps

nac High Speed Cameras in the USA:


nac Image Technology, the most experienced name in high-speed camera systems for the world’s automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers, begins deliveries of the new Memrecam GX-5 (2Q08)!

Simi Valley, CA – The newest member of nac’s family of digital high speed cameras, the Memrecam GX-5 sets new standards for high-speed imaging flexibility and performance in onboard automotive testing. nac enhances the capabilities of its unique Micro Camera Head design, connecting up to eight (8) cameras directly to a single onboard processor. This Hi-G Micro Camera records brilliant color images with 640 X 480 pixel resolution (VGA) at up to 1,000 fps in confined, poorly lit spaces. The GX-5 provides more that 2X the light sensitivity of any product of its kind available on the market today.

nac Image Technology has been actively involved in the auto crash, safety and component testing market place since the early 1960’s and is proud of the reputation it’s earned for high-quality, reliable, high-speed camera systems. nac is the most experienced source for high-speed camera equipment and motion analysis systems and software. A continuous record of technical innovation and a comprehensive, integrated line-up of products that set industry standards for performance and reliability makes nac the safe choice for more and more scientists, engineers and technicians with design, test and production applications for high-speed image capture and image analysis.

nac adds experience to the North Central US sales force….

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

nac Image Technology is pleased to announce the appointment of Kent Peterson as Regional Sales Manager for nac High-Speed Imaging Systems in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Kent brings a strong background in industrial sales to his position,  having worked with nac Image Technology and other  remote vision  inspection equipment product lines since 1998.  His background began in Nondestructive Testing where Kent learned about imaging requirements for research & development documentation along with the need for capturing high-speed images for analysis.

In addition to his work in industrial sales, Kent has been employed by Goodrich Aerospace in the Failure Analysis Lab.  His responsibilities included the evaluation of products for NASA, military and commercial aircraft products - where extreme quality standards and strong attention to detail are a requirement.

Kent’s past endeavors have set the bar for his own expectations.  Kent maintains that these high expectations will be a benefit to customers looking for the “perfect fit” in a high speed camera.  He has found that not only do nac’s products meet a high industry standard, but that they also exceed those standards.  With the knowledge that nac has provided quality and reliability since 1958, Kent can confidently state that “when it comes to reliable, digital, high quality high speed camera systems, make the safe choice with nac and you’ll see the visible difference in your business!

nac High Speed Cameras for upcoming 2008 sporting events…

Monday, January 28th, 2008

nac High Speed Cameras were used for the action during the NHL All Star game on Versus January 26-27, 2008. Starting in February, nac High Speed Cameras will be used for NBC Golf featuring the men’s PGA events. Additionally, nac High Speed Cameras will be used for “slow-motion” shots during the NHL Hockey play-offs, the NBA All-Star game and major league baseball on Turner - TBS Baseball.

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