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nac Memrecam Captures Atlas V Rocket Launch at Cape Canaveral

Monday, April 11th, 2005

nac’s Memrecam was used as part of a complete imaging solution called the “Tornado” (distributed by the ARRI Group) and used in a project at Cape Canaveral to cover the Atlas V rocket launch. View ARRI Article PDF as reprinted from ARRI News, Issue 04/2005.

nac Headquarters in Japan Holds Open House

Friday, March 11th, 2005

As reprinted from ARRI News, Issue 04/2005.

nac Open House 2005 (PDF).

Digital High Speed Video Camera HotShot 1280 Introduced by nac

Friday, February 11th, 2005

nac Image Technology, introduces the HotShot 1280an affordable high performance, high speed digital video camera that records brilliant color images or crisp monochrome images at resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Using its advanced CMOS image sensor, the HotShot 1280 is capable of recording speeds in excess of 20,000 pps at reduced resolution. It can be purchased as a PCI based computer peripheral or as a fuly integrated standalone instrumentation system.

View HotShot 1280 Press Release for Full Story (PDF).

Automotive Engineering Magazine Story on nac RX5 Multi-Micro Camera Head System

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

nac micro cameras are being used by crash test specialists at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK to monitor what is described as safety-critical interactions in areas never before seen during impacts. The camera heads have diameters of 2 cm (0.8 in).

Full Story by AEI Magazine (PDF).

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