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nac Image Technology Introduces the Memrecam HX "E" Series

December 2014

nac Image Technology is pleased to introduce the Memrecam HX "E" Series of digital high speed camera systems. The Memrecam HX "E" is offered to those customers whose research applications may not require frame rates above ~200,000fps with shutter speeds faster than 1 micro-second, and whose budgets may be a bit constrained. [more…]

nac Image Technology Introduces the Memrecam Q-Hub Multi-Camera Synchronization and Control System

October 2014

nac Image Technology introduces the Memrecam Q-Hub, a Hi-G multi-camera network hub for connecting to up to four (4) Memrecam Q-Series cameras. The camera connects to a customer's central control system, distributing synchronization, trigger, and communications signals to all Q-Series cameras to which it is connected. [more…]

nac USA Expands into Metropolitan Washington, DC Area

August, 2014

nac Image Technology in the USA is growing again! We are pleased to announce the opening of an office in the vibrant Ballston area of Arlington, VA. [more…]

nac Image Technology Captures Sporting Excellence in Ultra Slow Motion with Hi-Motion II™

June 18, 2014

nac Image Technology is pleased to reveal that 8 of its Hi-Motion II™, Ultra Slow Motion camera systems are being used to capture some of the most iconic moments from the World Cup Games in Brazil. We are delighted that so many of those memorable shots have been taken with the Hi-Motion II, which has proved to have worked superbly in varied lighting conditions. We've really been able to help the viewer appreciate the supreme effort some of the footballers are putting into their performance. [more…]

nac Q1m High Speed Camera: The world's smallest, self-contained, high performance, Hi-G Camera!

February 3, 2014

nac's newest addition the Memrecam Q Series features a 1.3 Mega Pixel sensor, compact, rugged design, supports standard C-mount and custom Hi-G lenses and produces brilliant color images at up to 2,000 fps at full resolution. [more…]

Partnership Focus: Crash Lab Support

February 3, 2014

Crash Lab Support (CLS), nac's partner in the Great Lakes who specializes in "everything crash related". Crash Lab Support offers crash and occupant safety test equipment and engineering services. Crash Lab Support's extensive background in the crash analysis and occupant safety industries is a valuable asset to automotive and transportation customers looking for assistance in selecting the appropriate equipment for their high-speed imaging requirements. [more…]

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