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nac Image Technology Receives Emmy for their High Speed Camera Systems

December 7, 2010

nac Image Technology Inc. is honored to be selected to receive an Emmy award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the 2009/2010 Technical Engineering Awards. The Emmy is awarded for work in “HD Super Slow Motion Systems for acquisition, recording, and playback in Broadcast, Entertainment and Sports Productions.” The award is in recognition of nac's innovations in sports broadcasting and further acknowledges leadership position of nac Image Technology Inc. in the development of super slow motion digital camera systems. [more...]

nac High Speed Cameras cover action at 21 of the World Cup 2010 games in South Africa

July, 2010

Due to their ease-of-use and excellent image quality, nac cameras are favored heavily for slow motion replays!

Prestigious sporting events around the world continue to look to nac High Speed Cameras to provide viewers with incredible slow motion images. During the recent World Cup action in South Africa, a total of five (5) nac High Speed Cameras (4 main cameras and 1 backup) were used at four separate venues: Johannesurg (Ellis Park), Nelspruit, Polokwane and Tshwane/Pretoria. Set on tripods next to the goals on each end of the field, the cameras used 100 x zoom lenses to capture plays with incredible clarity. The unparalleled light sensitivity of the cameras provided spectacular images in bright sunlight, shade and under lights.

See nac High Speed Cameras in action on the new series "LIFE" coming to the Discovery Channel on March 21

March 19, 2010

Incredible slow motion images can be seen on the new, amazing eleven (11) part LIFE series on the Discovery Channel beginning March 21. The LIFE series is a sequel to the PLANET EARTH series which featured the amazing places on the planet while the new LIFE series features every animal group imaginable on every continent! The series has been four years in the making and features never before seen images of animal life The high-speed cameras are able to capture behaviours previously impossible to see with film cameras and allows the viewer to see the incredible slow motion shots – the detail and insight of capturing animal movements that are too fast for the human eye to see – then slowed down for the viewer is absolutely unbelievable! See some of the previews of the LIFE series at:

…and be sure to catch the series on television every Sunday night for an astonishing view of the earth's Animal Kingdom!

8 nac High Speed Cameras capturing action at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Due to their ease-of-use and excellent image quality, nac cameras are favored heavily for slow motion replays!

nac High Speed Cameras Capture Olympic Action February 4, 2010

nac High-Speed Cameras continue setting the bar for their incredibly detailed slow motion images in coverage of prestigious sporting events around the world! A total of 8 nac High Speed Cameras are working on the Vancouver Games beginning February 12 and going thru February 28. In Whistler, the cameras will be recording both men and women's Alpine Skiing and Cross Country events at Whistler Olympic Park. In Vancouver, the cameras will be used to capture action at the Speed Skating competition at Richmond Oval, Curling at the Olympic Centre and Ice Hockey at two separate venues: Canada Hockey Place and the University of British Columbia Winter Sports Centre.

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