nac Receives Emmy for HD High Speed Ultra Slow Motion Camera Systems

December 7, 2010

nac Image Technology Inc. is honored to be selected to receive an Emmy award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the 2009/2010 Technical Engineering Awards. The Emmy is awarded for work in “HD Super Slow Motion Systems for acquisition, recording, and playback in Broadcast, Entertainment and Sports Productions.” The award is in recognition of nac's innovations in sports broadcasting and further acknowledges leadership position of nac Image Technology Inc. in the development of super slow motion digital camera systems.

“We are extremely happy to be honored with this award,” said Mr. Kenichi Ueki, President of nac Image Technology Inc. “nac has a long history working with super slow motion camera systems, also known as high speed cameras. They've played an integral role in nac's 50+ years of success in the entertainment industry. We've been fortunate to be able work with strong partners like NHK, ARRI Media, and Fletcher Chicago. With their help, nac's high speed camera systems have been embraced by broadcasters for live coverage of the World Cup events in Germany and South Africa, the Olympic Games in Beijing and Vancouver, and a variety of prominent professional sporting events.”

“The Memrecam Hi-Motion is the camera that embodies the nac award-winning technology,” Mr. Ueki added. “This camera was developed in cooperation with NHK and is the first high speed broadcast camera in the world with real HD quality based upon 3-chip technology. Designed specifically for sports broadcasting, the Hi-Motion fits seamlessly into the workflow of sports broadcast environments, requiring no additional operators.”

About nac Image Technology
nac Image Technology is committed to advancing the technology for HD Super Slow Motion Systems for use in Broadcast, Entertainment, and Sports Productions. Benefiting from its experience with the Memrecam Hi-Motion, nac will make use of its know-how by taking the next step in the evolution of this technology. nac's high speed camera technology is capable of capturing hundreds of thousands of images per second, but 1000 frames-per-second is optimal for most HDTV super slow motion applications. As a result, nac product development is focused not on increasing image capture speed but rather on the integration of the high speed camera system with the sports broadcast work flow while optimizing camera light sensitivity.

A sneak peak at the fruits of this development effort is available at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas (booth C7241) when nac introduces the Memrecam Hi-Motion II.

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