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NIT Americas Incorporated showcases its preeminent lineup of high speed cameras for use in the automotive industry.

October 2016

NIT Americas Incorporated has a proven track record of supplying high quality, reliable products that satisfy a variety of high-speed imaging requirements. Once you have viewed the visible difference of the image captured with camera systems manufactured by nac Image Technology, Inc. and Optronis GmbH, we are certain that you will agree that NIT Americas Incorporated is your safest choice. [more…]

nac announces the Q5, Expandable, Multi-Head, High-Speed Digital Camera System

June 2016

The Q5 is a 'little' advance in the Memrecam multi-head system technology. The Q5 is 80% smaller than predecessor systems and only 25% of the weight. Size is not the only improvement to the Q5: The system features greatly enhanced Hi-G performance, Faster Image Processing, Image protection, and ultra-small camera heads that can capture 1000 fps even in cramped poorly lit spaces. [more…]

NIT Americas offers CamPerform products for sale to Integrators and Resellers

June 2016

CamPerform CoaXPress are high resolution, high-speed camera systems that support challenging applications that require high spatial resolution, long recording times, or both; the 2GB/sec data transfer rate will bridge 200 feet... just connect to your PC and review in real time.

nac Image Technology, the most experienced name in specialty imaging systems, welcomes Axiom Optics to its family of North American Distributors!

May 2016

NIT Americas Inc. DBA / nac Image Technology, the leading global supplier of specialty imaging systems, is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with Axiom Optics (, a leading west coast distributor of specialty optics. Camera specialist with Axiom Optics, Nick Lechocinski, will be responsible for the sale of High Speed Camera Systems distributed by NIT Americas Inc. in the Western Regional United States of America (Washington, Oregon and California). [more…]

NIT Americas Named Exclusive Distributor for Optronis family of CamRecord Digital High Speed Cameras in the Americas

March 2016

NIT, the leading distributor of high speed camera equipment and solutions has broadened its offer with the addition of the CamRecord family of high speed cameras. The versatile CamRecord products combine ultra-fast framing rates, optimal light sensitivity and ultra-long record times at relatively low cost. [more…]

NIT Americas Named Exclusive Distributor for Invisible Vision Ltd. family of Ultra High Speed Digital Framing Cameras for the Americas

March 2016

NIT, adds to its offer as the leading distributor of high speed camera equipment and solutions with the addition of Invisible Vision ultra high speed digital cameras. Invisible Vision cameras offer high resolution imaging at framing rates from 1 Million fps up to 1 Billion fps. [more…]

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