NIT Showcases High Speed Cameras for use in the Automotive Industry

October 2016

NIT Americas Incorporated has a proven track record of supplying high quality, reliable products that satisfy a variety of high-speed imaging requirements. Once you have viewed the visible difference of the image captured with camera systems manufactured by nac Image Technology, Inc. and Optronis GmbH, we are certain that you will agree that NIT Americas Incorporated is your safest choice.

Digital high speed cameras delivered by NIT Americas Incorporated highlight all the important features required by users in the Automotive and Occupant Safety Testing Market. Specifically, NIT supplied cameras feature: ease-of-use; ruggedized performance; high resolution; Hi-G performance; multi-head systems; ultra-high light sensitivity; ultra-high frame rates; long recording times; remote operation; multi-camera control; tight synchronization; forward/backward compatible camera integration; and much, much more.

OnBoard Automotive and Occupant Safety Test Applications

The cost associated with "on-board" vehicle and product testing is significant. You don't want to have to repeat a test due to camera failure or limitations. On-board high speed cameras need to be compact, rugged, reliable and able to synchronize with other camera and DAQ.

Then there's the "niche within a niche," on-board specialty applications. Specialty applications include camera placement in tight areas like in crumple zones, under seats, in engine compartments, and under vehicles. These application areas often go unexamined because they present unique challenges, requiring ultra-small cameras with high light sensitivity capabilities.


The world's smallest, self contained, high performance, high speed cameras. The MEMRECAM Q1 series are Hi-G cameras that can be fully synchronized to operate with other Q, GX and HX cameras.

The MEMRECAM Q5 series are small and ruggedized camera heads that enable video documentation in areas that would not be otherwise accessible. Often these specialty applications are "light starved". Don't worry. The ultra-small Q5 series of cameras are designed to operate under these demanding limited light conditions.

OffBoard Automotive and Occupant Safety Test Applications

Static airbag testing and other "off-board" tests can require high resolution, high speed cameras capable of seeing small details from a far focal distance. The faster the event, the greater importance of light sensitivity and shutter speeds, for without these camera characteristics video documentation will just be a blur.


Combine the world's smallest, self contained, high performance, high speed cameras with the world's only 5MP resolution camera capable of capturing brilliant color images up to 1,000fps and beyond. The MEMRECAM Q1m and the MEMRECAM HX7 from are Hi-G cameras that can be fully synchronized to operate with other Q, GX and HX cameras.

For more information about nac and Optronis digital high speed camera products, visit us at these upcoming exhibitions:

October 25-27, 2016
Automotive Testing Expo North America
Novi, MI USA

November 8-10, 2015
Vision Show
Stuttgart, GERMANY

December 8-9, 2016
Automotive Testing Show & Expo
Millbrook Proving Ground
Bedford, UK

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