nac Introduces the MEMRECAM Q-Hub Multi-Camera System

October 2014

nac Image Technology introduces the Memrecam Q-Hub, a Hi-G multi-camera network hub for connecting to up to four (4) Memrecam Q-Series cameras. The camera connects to a customer's central control system, distributing synchronization, trigger, and communications signals to all Q-Series cameras to which it is connected. The Q-Hub also supplies power to the Q-cameras, with the source of power being either the facility's mains power or the Q-Hubs optional built-in Hi-G battery. Multiple Q-Hubs can be interconnected to one another via a facility's Gigabit Ethernet network, allowing dozens of cameras to be used simultaneously. Also, the Q-Hub, while connected to Q-Series cameras, can be connected to a variety of legacy products from nac Image Technology, allowing an integrated nac Memrecam multi-camera system to be both forward and backward compatible to previously installed Memrecam systems. All cameras can be controlled either locally or through a facility network using nac-supplied camera control software, or by using third party integrator software.

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