More performance to the Memerecam Q Series & MX Series

August 2020

NAC is pleased to announce the latest additions to the very successful Q series and MX Series of ultra-compact high speed cameras with the introduction of the Memrecam Q2m & M3-Cam. The Q2m brings even higher performance compared to its predecessors, boasting full 1920 x 1080 HD images at up to 2,000fps with even higher frame rates at reduced resolutions. All this performance is packed into an incredibly small, rugged, lightweight package, measuring 62mm x 62mm x 87.5mm and weighing only 600g. The Memrecam Q2m is ruggedized to withstand 200g's of shock for use in the harshest environments. This camera is ideally suited for confined spaces encountered in automotive crash testing, production facilities, microscopes, military applications, R&D and much more.

NAC is also adding the M3-Cam camera head option for the Memrecam MX Camera System The M3-Cam is an even smaller camera head than M-Cam/M2-Cam, offering mega pixel resolutions in a tiny form factor. NAC now offers 5 different MX camera head options for various applications.