How are others using nac High Speed Cameras?

How Customers Around the World Use The Revolutionary Hi-Motion II System

Hi-Motion II broadcast camera

July 12, 2013

Emmy Award winning technology. Hi-Motion camera systems are not only used on the world's top sports event coverage but also as a part of the regular coverage of professional matches; English Premier League Football; Champions League Football; NFL; NBA; MLB; AFL; major international motor racing; International Cricket; Rugby Union & League; Horse Racing; Equestrian etc. The Hi-Motion also won the 62nd Emmy Award (Technical/Engineering Achievement Award) from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences in recognition of all the achievements in sports broadcasting and television production.


nac Camera Captures Voices via Neck Vibrations

Researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo are using one of nac's Memrecam HX high speed camera to decipher a person's words without the use of a microphone or lip reading. By recording at 10,000 fps., the camera is able to capture every "wavering wobble of neck flesh" that accompanies sounds from a person's voice box. A software program then turns the recorded images of skin vibrations into sound waves. The technique should allow scientists to hear words even if there's a lot of background noise. [more…]

Drop Testing of Product Packaging

Many of the performance characteristics of a product's package are clearly evident when evaluated using drop testing techniques [more…]

Bringing 1000 FPS HD to Sports Broadcasts

Fletcher’s Emmy award winning Sports Department, known for changing the way America enjoy sports, has done it again - bringing 1000 fps HD instant replay to MLB, NFL, NHRA and many other sports - day or night [more…]

Capturing 'Wow Moments' for Sports Broadcasters Worldwide

Arri Media introduces the Hi-Motion, developed by nac Image Technology – a true high-definition high-speed camera that can integrate directly into a multi-camera broadcast infrastructure. Slo-motion is an integral part of any sports broadcast, and frame-rates are increasing all the time. See the latest on the Hi-Motion in Europe. [more…]

Improving Vehicle Safety

Micro cameras are being used by crash test specialists at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK to monitor what is described as safety-critical interactions in areas never before seen during impacts. [more…]