PiV Ultra High Speed Framing Camera

The PiV Framing Camera

  • 16 Mega Pixel Resolution
  • Intensified Imaging
  • Multiple Exposures
  • Ultra Fast Shutter to 10ns

The Invisible® Vision PiV series of multi-frame cameras are designed to achieve ultra fast shuttering combined with zero frame to frame distortion – so essential for quantitative particle image velociometry applications in the analysis and scientific modelling of high speed events.

Camera options enable the user the maximum choice in optimizing a custom camera system for his/her application. Current system options include differing sensor arrangements from high speed video CMOS sensors through to ultra high resolution CCDs. Systems are also available with and without integral image intensification, the intensifier being chosen with a performance to match the sensor.

Spectral response can range from the UV to near IR (< 200nm to 1000nm).

Typical applications are in particle image velociometry (PIV) for fluid dynamics but the cameras also find excellent application in combustion, electric discharge, nano-technology, biomedical and ballistics as well as many other high speed and ultra high speed macroscopic imaging requirements.

PiV Model 40-16Mi-V

The PiV 40-16MIV camera system is the ultimate state-of-the-art camera system for ultra high speed shuttering with the maximum possible resolution. With two independent user programmed intensified frames, each with a minimum exposure of 20ns (10ns optional) and a 16 Mega-pixel CCD, the system can easily capture in great detail ultra high speed events over an extensive temporal (and illumination) range. In addition, each frame may be multiple exposed for even greater flexibility. An optical viewfinder is included as an option (-V) for aid in focus and system setup. The system is intrinsically both UV and visible sensitive but can be ordered either with an an S20 (UV bias) or S25 (visible bias) photo-cathode.

Synchronization is easily handled with positive, negative, make and break (self powered) input trigger signals and four user programmable output strobes (plus gate monitor) for the additional synchronization of external cameras, systems or strobes or even to trigger the experiment itself.


  • 4872 (H) x 3248 (V) active pixels
  • Fast Gating to 10ns
  • Integral 40mm Intensifier - High Gain/Sensitivity
  • GigE interfacing
  • Two sequential frames plus multiple exposure options.
  • Optical viewfinder and capping shutter


  • Programmable electrical triggering options
  • Built-in velocity trap
  • IVV Imprint PC software for control/analysis
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Standard Nikon F-mount
  • Photocathode Options: S20 (UV biased, UV to Visible) or S25 (Visible biased, UV to NIR)

IVV Imprint® PC Software

All PiV cameras are designed to be easy to use and come complete with IVV Imprint™ camera control, capture and analysis PC software – capable of operating mutliple cameras. Extremely compact and rugged, with easy GigE interfacing and simple power supply and operational requirements the units are designed for a long installed life with the minimum of service requirements.

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PiV Framing Camera
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