CamRecord & CamPerform
Versatile Low-Cost High Speed Cameras

The CamRecord and CamPerform family of versatile low-cost high-speed cameras combine ultra-fast framing rates, optimal light sensitivity and ultra-long record times. Whether it's needed in the laboratory, at external sites or for crash tests, you can expect high performance every time, every place and everywhere.

CamRecord Series

These easy-to-use, digital video camera systems record high-resolution brilliant color or crisp monochrome images and come complete with high capacity dynamic memory storage, as well as super-fast, non-volatile SSD storage media. The CamRecord family of products is ideally suited for high speed camera applications in machine design, laboratory, manufacturing, military range and automotive testing environments.

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CamPerform Series

CamPerform Coaxpress ultra high resolution, high speed cameras are ideal tools for system integrators working to provide specialty high speed imaging solutions to their customers. CamPerform Coaxpress camera heads support challenging applications that require either high spatial resolution, long recording times, or both.

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