nac's fxCam takes High-Speed Cinematography to the next level!

The Clairmont-modified nac fxCAM is truly the SP’s and Producer’s dream. Its ultra high speed action (HD resolution up to 1,000 fps) enables you to get shots that you’ve only dreamed about. A PL-mount lets you use a wide assortment of 35mm lenses - and with the nac fxCAM’s ability to play back to NTSC video output you’ll know immediately if “got the shot.”

From a production economy standpoint, Clairmont’s nac fxCAM can provide huge savings in time and money. There is no run-up or run-down film waste due to an innovative triggering system. No time lost due to film jams. Fast Downloading…AND…savings up to $20,000 to $40,000 per day on film and processing costs.

The fxCAM can record up to 5 minutes of screen time (9821 frames @ 30 fps playback) at 1,000 fps, download the RAW data at a rate of 1GB per minute to a control computer via fiber-channel, and be ready for the next shot in short order. The files are stored and later rendered as a usable format on removable hard drives that are delivered to post.

Quite simply, this is a camera that can deliver footage never before attainable, and do it for a fraction of the cost of traditional film methods.

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