nac Hi-Motion II™ Captures Super Bowl XLVI in Ultra Slow Motion

Simi Valley, California, February 2, 2012 - Football fans around the world will be awed by unbelievable slow motion replay imagery during this Sunday's telecast of Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots on NBC! Fletcher Chicago will be providing four (4) of the new nac Hi-Motion II™ Ultra Slow Motion Digital cameras to capture the dramatic field action at this year's Super Bowl.

According to nac's Andy Hayford who is currently on site at the field in Indianapolis, "we have had technical rehearsals every day since Tuesday and the response to the Hi-Motion II™ is overwhelmingly positive! Everyone from Engineering, VT and Production is ‘over the moon' that the camera works straight out of the box and integrates like a normal camera – and the live and replay pictures are stunning!"

The Hi-Motion II™ cameras use a unique three chip (CMOS) sensor capable of capturing more than 10X high speed images in Full HD and provide simultaneous output of live real time video AND ultra slow motion replay video. The three chip nac Hi-Motion II™ cameras provide unparalleled clarity and detail enhancement along with superb light sensitivity while fitting seamlessly into the workflow of sports broadcast environments.

The debut of the Hi-Motion II™ cameras at this year's Super Bowl continues the legacy of the previous nac Hi-Motion camera systems that have been embraced by broadcasters for live coverage of World Cup events, the Olympic Games and a variety of professional sporting events, including international motor racing, cycling, tennis, football, baseball, rugby, cricket, golf boxing and horse racing.

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