nac Cameras Capture Wimbledon Action

June 22, 2012, Simi Valley CA - June 25 will be the start of the 2012 Wimbledon Championships and Fletcher London will be renting out multiple nac cameras to capture all of the action. The Wimbledon Championship takes place in London and is one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world. It is also considered by some to be the most prestigious of all tournaments. This year will mark the 126th anniversary of the Wimbledon Championship and is one of the four grand slam events of the year! Professional tennis players will travel from all over the world as they try to etch there name in tennis history by winning one of the Wimbledon events. Lots of tennis will be played throughout the tournaments entirety as there is a men and women’s singles and doubles bracket, as well as a junior and senior’s bracket. The tournament will begin early on Monday June 25th, and will progress all the way to its final stages and ending sometime on Sunday July 8th. The tournament will be televised everyday on ESPN and ESPN 2, so make sure to catch all of the highlights as our nac cameras capture all of the exciting action.

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