ACS Cameras Now Compatible with Correlated Solutions

August 2021

NAC is pleased to announce that we have worked together with our colleagues at Correlated Solutions to integrate the NAC ACS family of cameras into the Correlated Solutions VIC-3D digital image correlation software package. VIC-3D is one of the leading Image Correlation software packages on the market today and we are thrilled that they have now integrated full NAC camera control into their flagship product. The combination of the VIC-3D software with the outstanding high speed and high resolution capabilities of the ACS cameras is a match made in heaven. Users will have the ability to capture clean crisp full resolution images at 1280 x 860 resolution at speeds up to 60,000 frames/second – with even higher frame rates available at reduced resolutions.

3D DIC Measurement - Drop Test, Laptop
Top: Two ACS-1 M60, 20,000fps @ 1280 x 896, Bottom: Shows larger deformation at left bottom where it is colored in red