Memrecam fx K5 Introduced

nac Image Technology revolutionizes the High-Speed Imaging Industry, combining the Highest Light Sensitivity, Mega Pixel Resolution and Ultra High Framing Rates in a single camera system…

Simi Valley, CA - nac Image Technology introduces the most light sensitive Digital High-Speed Color Video System available…and it’s Mega Pixel! nac’s new Memrecam fx K5’s light sensitivity is unparalleled with a rating of ISO 2400 (color) and ISO 10,000 (monochrome) at 1,000 pps. The Memrecam fx K5 is a fully self-contained, digital, high-speed video system that records brilliant color or crisp monochrome images, with resolutions of up to 1280 X 1024 pixels at 1,000 pps. Using an advanced CMOS sensor, the Memrecam fx K5 captures images at frame rates up to 168,000 pps. Now available with optional Gigabit Ethernet Interface.

The robust Memrecam fx K5 is perfect for military range applications, automotive crash safety applications and any other high-speed imaging application being performed in a hazardous environment. The Memrecam fx K5 is designed for a variety of research, design and testing applications where a combination of high sensitivity, high image resolution and high recording rates are a must.

nac Image Technology is the most experienced source for high-speed video equipment and motion analysis systems and software. A continuous record of technical innovation and a comprehensive, integrated line-up of products that set industry standards for performance and reliability makes nac the safe choice for more and more scientists, engineers and technicians with design, test and production applications for high-speed image capture and image analysis.