World's First 40 Gigapixel per Second High Speed Video Camera

October 2018

nac is pleased to announce the world's first 40 gigapixel per second high speed video camera. The Latin word Acies (ACS for short) is defined as the full attention of one's sight, and senses, as directed towards a particular object. Based on that description, what an appropriate name for nac's new MEMRECAM high speed system!

The new MEMRECAM ACS comes fully equipped with 1280 X 800 (1 MP) resolution at 40,000fps and up to 200,000fps at reduced resolution. The MEMRECAM ACS' superior capabilities are second to none with its high resolution, high frame rates, high light sensitivity, fast data transfer rates, and user selectable bit depth which make this the ultimate high speed camera choice.

Full details are available on the MEMRECAM ACS product page.

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