Hi-Motion II Camera Covers Wimbledon Championships

July 10, 2012, Simi Valley CA - This year marked the 126th annual Wimbledon Championship in London England and Fletcher London rented out one of nac's Hi-Motion II camera's to Wimbledon to cover all of the action. The nac Hi-Motion II camera is one of a kind due to its 3 chip technology capturing more than 10X high speed images in full HD ensuring to produce a crystal clear image.

The Wimbledon Championship is the third Grand Slam event of the year for tennis and is referred to as one of the most prestigious of all tennis events. Another unique characteristic of the tournament is that it is the only Grand Slam event that takes place on all grass courts, which results in a slightly different style of play from the other types of courts such as clay and other harder materials.

There are many benefits to having a nac Hi-Motion II camera present at a fast pace sporting event such as tennis. The first and most obvious reason being the opportunity to allow viewers to witness the matches through one of the most technologically advanced cameras in the business, giving a crystal clear picture and allowing viewers to see every minute detail of play. The second advantage to having a Hi-Motion II camera present is its ability to produce an ultra-slow motion highlight of a previously recorded play. With the Hi-Motion II's easy to use system, producers can have one of these highlights ready instantly after the play has occurred. A third advantage, which can act as more of a "behind the scenes" benefit, of the Hi-Motion II camera is its capability to store previously recorded images on it's hard drive. This feature can allow judges to determine if the call made on the court was the right call, or if it needs to be changed. Since these cameras can produce such a crystal clear image at extraordinarily slow speeds, it allows judges to use these camera views to determine if the correct call was made, if they decide to do so.

nac cameras are proving to be a trusted brand when it comes to the televised broadcast of live sporting events. For the reasons given above, and many others, nac cameras should be your number one choice for presenting a high quality sports broadcast.

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