Broadcast Rental Purchases First nac Hi-Motion II for Mainland Europe

London, October 2012: nac Image Technology is pleased to announce the first sale of its Hi-Motion II™ Ultra Slow Motion camera system to mainland Europe. Netherlands-based full-service rental house Broadcast Rental has bought one of the units for work across its portfolio of high-profile European clients.

"There is a definite gap in the market," says company founder, Geert Paul Slee. "The only Hi-Motion IIs in Europe are based in the UK and, following their successes at this summer's London Games in particular, broadcasters often find that they are booked out months in advance. Our existing slo-mo cameras are already extremely popular in a number of countries, so we anticipate strong demand for the stunning pictures the Hi-Motion II can produce."

The Hi-Motion II cameras use a unique three chip (CMOS) sensor capable of capturing more than 10x high speed images in Full HD and provide simultaneous output of live realtime video AND ultra slow motion replay video. The three chip nac Hi-Motion II cameras provide unparalleled clarity and detail enhancement along with superb light sensitivity while fitting seamlessly into the workflow of sports broadcast environments.

"The advantages of the Hi-Motion II are first, that it can do live cuts between ultra slo-mo and live video so you don't lose a camera position when you deploy it," says Slee. "Secondly, it has the same form factor as a regular camera and therefore can be used just like one, even on the shoulder. And third, it's a plug and play system and as easy to set up as any other camera from the likes of Sony, Grass Valley or Hitachi."

"We had an extraordinarily successful summer of sport with the Hi-Motion II, which as a result has produced some of the most iconic sporting images from 2012, " comments Andy Hayford, International Sales Manager, nac Image Technology. "We're delighted that a company with the pedigree and track record of Broadcast Rental has decided to purchase one of the units, and look forward to working closely with the team there to ensure that the Hi-Motion II is as successful on mainland Europe as it is proving in the rest of the sporting world."

Broadcast Rental will take delivery of its Hi-Motion II in November. For more information, please contact GP Slee at

The debut of the Hi-Motion II™ cameras at the 2012 Super Bowl continues the legacy of the previous nac Hi-Motion camera systems that have been embraced by broadcasters for live coverage of major global sporting events and a variety of professional sporting events, including football, international motor racing, cycling, tennis, baseball, rugby, cricket, golf, boxing and horse racing.

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