Compressed Air

Contact nac for more information on the camera used to film this video.

The following nac high speed camera was used to produce the video above.

Additional Product Details

Camera Model: nac Memrecam ACS
Description: The Latin word Acies (ACS for short) is defined as the full attention of one's sight and senses, as directed towards a particular object. Based on that description, what an appropriate name for nac's new MEMRECAM high speed camera system!

Unique Features of the ACS include:

  • Auto Black Balance: Auto Correction by Mechanical Shutter
  • Memory Segment: Up to 64 Segments With 64 Blocks
  • Built-in SSD 1: Faster Auto Storage into Built-in SSD Backup Image data while recording
  • DOWNLOAD REC: Recording to a memory segment in parallel with downloading to another memory segment
  • Image Trigger: Triggered by intensity shifts sensed at the minimum area of 21 X 16 pixel
  • Dual Framing Rate: 1x and 1/2~1/100x
    Status: LED: View/Arm/Rec




Applications serviced by the Memrecam ACS:

  • Sensor: Proprietary CMOS Global Shutter 28.16mm x 19.71mm all Active pixels
  • Active Pixel: 1280 x 896
  • ISO (REI): 50,000
  • Memory: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
  • Bit Depth: 8bit / 10bit / 12bit
  • Lens Mount: F-Mount (Support to Iris ring - less Lens) / C-Mount 1
  • Video Output: DisplayPort / HDMI / 3G-SDI
  • Input Signal: Trigger (TTL/Contact) / EST / IRIG-B
  • Output Signal: Status (Arm/Fault) / Exp. Pulse / Trigger Out / VD OUT
  • Control: PC or V-Pad 1 (11.6" Touch Panel Monitor)
  • Power: 20-32VDC
  • Dimensions (mm): 175W x 175H x 206D
  • Weight: Approx. 7.3kg