Watch Water Balloons Popping In Super Slow Motion

These amazing water balloon high-speed videos were recorded at 6,000 frames per second with a 50us shutter using the nac Memrecam GX3. For more information on the nac Memrecam Series of high speed cameras visit.

Contact nac for more information on the camera used to film this video.

The following nac high speed camera was used to produce the video above.

Additional Product Details

Camera Model: nac Memrecam GX-3
Description: The Memrecam GX-3 high-speed camera system is a multi-purpose workhorse designed for the most sophisticated high-speed imaging applications. The GX-3 is the only system in its class capable of taking mega pixel images at 2,000 fps at 1280 x 800 pixels OR 1024 x 1024 pixels! With an astonishing active pixel size of 21.7 microns and superior Dynamic Range, the nac Memrecam GX-3 has the unsurpassed light sensitivity for crisp, clear images.

System Features:

  • Superior Light Sensitivity: >20,000 ISO monochrome, > 5,000 ISO color
  • High Resolution: 1280 X 1024 pixels
  • Adjustable Frame Rates from 50fps to 198,000fps in 1fps increments
  • Selectable Bit Density: 12 bits / 10 bits / 8 bits (extends recording) STANDARD
  • Variable Region of Interest with Continuously adjustable resolution in 16 x 4 pixel increments
  • Gigabit Ethernet Laptop Friendly Interface
  • Continuous Live Video Output (NTSC / PAL) during setup and recording
  • Auto Exposure Control
  • Dynamic Range Expansion Shutter (pixel level shuttering)

System Features - continued:

  • Versatile Recording: Burst-Trigger, Multi-Trigger and Event-Trigger Modes
  • Memory Segment with automatic segment change capability
  • External Sync Recording
  • IRIG-B Timing Capture and Synchronization with Phase Shift
  • Built-in Memory Backup
  • USB2 for direct download to external storage (HDD, Flash Memory Card, etc.)
  • Convenient functions for FOV setting: Low Light Mode, Fiducial Mark
  • Compact and Rugged Body
  • Optional Multi-Channel Wave Inserter (MCWI) allows for the capture of synchronized digital and / or analog data.

For all applications

Memrecam GX-3

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