Exploding Soda Bottle Rockets Slow Motion Action Sequence

Incredible footage of exploding soda bottle rockets filmed with the world's best high speed high definition video camera. Amazing. Watch and share.

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The following nac high speed camera was used to produce the video above.

Additional Product Details

Camera Model: nac Memrecam HX-1
Description: The first member of the new HX Family of high-speed digital camera products, the Memrecam HX-1, is the ultimate high-speed camera - providing the highest resolutions, highest frame rates, best light sensitivity and longest recording of any high speed camera available anywhere! PERIOD!

The HX-1 offers an astounding 5 Mega Pixel resolution at 2000 fps and features user adjustable frame rate / resolution settings up to 1,300,000 frames per second! With memory storage available up to 128GB, the HX-1 also offers an optional high density, non-volatile, memory magazine - HD-Mag. This option provides recording directly from the HX1 for more than 26 minutes in full HD (1080p) resolution at 250fps.


Features of the HX-1 include:

  • Most powerful CMOS sensor available anywhere
  • Most storage options available
  • Shielded Heat Exchanger
  • Variable Framing Profile
  • Versatile Recording functions
  • A-EST Mode - High resolution timing & sync system to less than 50 nanoseconds
  • Straddle Mode - less than 1u for PIV applications
  • Ultra-Fast Communications
  • Ultra-High Light Sensitivity
  • Ruggedized for Range Use

Applications serviced by the Memrecam HX-1:

  • Explosives and Pyrotechnics
  • Ballistics
  • Missile Launch
  • Projectile Tracking
  • Component Tracking
  • Materials Testing
  • Fluid and Flow Visualization (PIV)