High Speed Camera Systems

M-Cam Full HD Ultra Compact Camera Head

  • Full HD @ 2,000 Frames Per Second (1920x1080 pixels @ 2,000fps) CMOS Sensor
  • High Sensitivity, 8000 ISO (Color)
  • Hi-G, 200G/7ms, 150G/11ms
  • Image Protection, Built-In Memory Backup
  • Built In Memory, 4GB
  • Space-saving, side cable connection

MX-5 4-Port Integrated Processing Unit

  • Hi-G, Compact, Light Weight
  • Up to 4 cameras
  • Flexible, thin 7mm cable up to 20m long
  • Remote Multi-Camera Control
  • Backward Compatible with All Memrecam Platforms

The nac MEMRECAM MX is a robust, turnkey solution for multi-camera onboard and offboard automotive testing applications. Each system supports up to four, tightly synchronized camera views, and integrates seamlessly with all current and legacy MEMRECAM imaging systems.

The M-Cam utilizes an extremely light sensitive image sensor, providing Full HD image resolution at up to 2,000 fps, and coming complete with 4GB of memory and built-in memory backup protection. The Integrated Processing Unit provides power, communications, trigger and synchronization for up to four M-Cam's, and provides the interconnect technology for integration with all MEMRECAM platforms. All components are compact, light weight, and capable of withstanding Hi-G shock.

The flexible MEMRECAM MX high speed camera system is a truly ideal solution for all automotive testing needs.

MX Advantages

  • Cost Effective On-Board AND Off-Board Solution
  • Compact M-Cam: W75 x H55 x D55mm
  • High Resolution Images for On-Board and Off-Board Use
  • Lens Mount: C-Mount
  • Multi-Camera Control
  • Economical Options for Additional Cameras

nac Image Technology
MEMRECAM High Speed Camera Systems also Feature:

  • Adjustable Frame Rates
  • Automatic Temperature Calibration
  • Continuously Adjustable Resolution
  • Ultra-Fast Gb Ethernet Interface with DataLock
  • RESQ Data Security System – Download to PC
  • Remote & Local Control
  • Memory Backup
  • Memory Segmentation
  • Multiple Trigger Modes, including Built-in HiG Trigger
  • Multi Camera Operation with Precise Synchronization
  • External Sync Recording
  • IRIG-B Capture & Sync with Phase Shift
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Hi-G Rated to 200G Shock, 7ms and 150G Shock, 11ms


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