CamPerform Coaxpress
Ultra High Resolution, High Speed Camera Systems

CamPerform Coaxpress ultra high resolution, high speed cameras are ideal tools for system integrators working to provide specialty high speed imaging solutions to their customers. CamPerform Coaxpress camera heads support challenging applications that require either high spatial resolution, long recording times, or both.

With CoaXPress cameras, problems with high data transfer rates are consigned to history. The serial transmission concept using CoaXPress provides for a data rate of two gigabits per second. Coaxial cables are also the economic solution for bridging 200 feet at full data rate. Once you have connected your high-speed camera to the PC, you can stand by and relax as you view data delivered to you in real time. Detailed and fast real-time vision was never as easy as this.

Designed with a sturdy camera housing and no ventilation slots, the CamPerform Coaxpress series is ideally suited for industrial applications and more demanding specialty range applications. What makes the cameras particularly user-friendly is that they can be used with standard lens mounts.

CamPerform Series:

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