HotShot e64 High Speed Camera Systems

The HotShot e64 High Speed Motion Analysis System!

Starting at under $10K, the e64 is the only high speed camera in its class that comes complete with all of the components necessary to begin capturing and analyzing images.

  • e64 High Speed Camera captures crisp, clear images at 250 fps at full VGA resolution and can capture images at up to 2,000 fps at reduced resolutions using standard C-Mount and F-Mount lenses
  • Motion Analysis Software allows the user to measure and track an object’s velocity, position, size, location, acceleration, displacement, trajectory and more!
  • Control Console for camera control and image analysis

The HotShot e64 is perfect for a multitude of high speed applications including: manufacturing, research, design & test, production and human / veterinary biomechanics analysis, to name a few.

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