3D Motion Capture Products

Raptor 12 HS motion capture system


The Raptor-12HS Digital RealTime System consists of Raptor-12HS digital cameras and Cortex software. At 12MP and operating at 300 fps at full resolution and up to 2,000 fps at windowed resolution, the Raptor-12HS is an excellent choice for large volumes with multiple subjects or where the need for very small markers is important.

Kestrel 4200

The Kestrel 4200 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 200 fps with a sensor resolution of 2080 x 2048 pixels (4.2 million).

Kestrel 2200

The Kestrel 2200 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 300 fps with a sensor resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels (2.2 million).

Kestrel 1300 Motion Capture Camera

Kestrel 1300

The Kestrel 1300 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 210 fps with a sensor resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels (1.3 million).

Kestrel 300 Mocap Camera System

Kestrel 300

The Kestrel 300 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 810 fps with a sensor resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (0.3 million).

Cortex: the Industry's Gold Standard
3D Motion Capture Software

Cortex is Motion Analysis' software for handling all phases of motion capture within a single program – initial setup, calibration, tracking and post processing. see more

Application Software


Baseball swing analysis with report generation. Outputs trunk kinematics and bat angles and speed.

FootTrak motion capture data


Rearfoot motion analysis with report generation. Specialized multi-segment foot model for calculation of rearfoot and forefoot kinematics during gait.

GaitMTrak motion capture program


GaitMTrak (formerly SIMM Gait) is a powerful measurement and graphical reporting tool.

GaitTrak motion capture software


GaitTrak (formerly MAC Gait) is a set of automated steps to produce a gait report within Cortex.

GolfTrak Motion Data


Golf swing analysis with report generation that includes joint kinematics, X Factor, swing parameters, and speed profile.

JumpTrak motion capture results


Full-body kinematic and kinetic analysis of drop and countermovement jumping with report generation.

CamTrak with Kite


Kite is an elegant studio camera tracking system that enables VR and AR for your studio production or previz projects.

LiftTrak motion capture system


Analysis of upper and lower back kinematics and kinetics during lifting with report generation.

PitchTrak data


Full-body kinematic and kinetic analysis of baseball pitching with report generation.


Running gait analysis packaged with report generation. Full-body kinematics and kinetics are included and compared to normative criteria.

Motion Analysis UAVTrak


UAV Tracker provides the capability to track and control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) within a motion capture environment.

UE Trak


UETrak (Upper Extremity) is a software tool designed to calculate three-dimensional upper extremity kinematics for upper body movement measurement.

Done motion tracking system


DroneTrack allows for precise tracking and flight guidance, drone pilot flight training, and flight plan validation.

CamTrak virtual 3D graphics


Provides tools for measuring and pre-computing the studio camera characteristics and then for tracking the studio camera(s).



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