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The first dog in outer space….

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Laika, a stray dog found wandering the streets of Moscow, was the first dog in space. Laika was aboard the Soviet satellite, Sputnik 2 in 1957. Read more about Laika and Sputnik 2 at wikipedia.

See nac canine, “Konrad”, filmed at 1,000 fps with the Memrecam fx K3.

View this video file


Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Hummingbirds are small birds in the family Trochilidae. They are known for their ability to hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings, 15 to 80 times per second (depending on the species). Capable of sustained hovering, the hummingbird has the ability to fly deliberately backwards or vertically, and to maintain position while drinking from flower blossoms. They are named for the characteristic hum made by their wings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hummingbird

Two Humming Birds

Photo by ARTBEATS using a nac High-Speed Camera.

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