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nac High Speed Cameras at Testing Expo North America in Novi, MI - Register now for your FREE TICKET

nac High Speed Cameras will be displayed at the Automotive Testing Expo 2007 North America on October 24 - 26, 2007. Over 370 of the world’s leading automotive test equipment manufacturers and test service providers will display the very latest technologies aimed at the North American automotive industry. Featured high speed cameras from nac Image Technology will include the new GX-1 and HotShot 512 sc. See nac at Booth C410. Register online now for your FREE admission ticket!

nac’s fxCam takes High-Speed / Slow-Motion Cinematography to the next level!

The Clairmont-modified nac fxCAM is truly the SP’s and Producer’s dream. Its ultra high speed action (HD resolution up to 1,000 fps) enables you to get shots that you’ve only dreamed about. A PL-mount lets you use a wide assortment of 35mm lenses - and with the nac fxCAM’s ability to play back to NTSC video output you’ll know immediately if “got the shot.”

From a production economy standpoint, Clairmont’s nac fxCAM can provide huge savings in time and money. There is no run-up or run-down film waste due to an innovative triggering system. No time lost due to film jams. Fast Downloading…AND…savings up to $20,000 to $40,000 per day on film and processing costs.

The fxCAM can record up to 5 minutes of screen time (9821 frames @ 30 fps playback) at 1,000 fps, download the RAW data at a rate of 1GB per minute to a control computer via fiber-channel, and be ready for the next shot in short order. The files are stored and later rendered as a usable format on removable hard drives that are delivered to post.

Quite simply, this is a camera that can deliver footage never before attainable, and do it for a fraction of the cost of traditional film methods.

For more information visit Clairmont Camera.

nac High Speed Cameras are popular choices for European Broadcasting…

nac Cameras have seen a lot of action in Europe during the last three months. Some major highlights:
Sky Sports:
- Rugby Internationals
- Heineken Cup Final (International Club Rugby)
- Premiership Football (Soccer)…currently 2 matches a week
- International Cricket Test Matches
- International Show Jumping at Hickstead
- Polo Gold Cup Final
- International Boxing
International Motor Racing:
- Malaysian Grand Prix
- Spanish Grand Prix
- European Grand Prix
- UEFA Under 21 Championships (Soccer) 8 matches in the Netherlands
BBC Sport:
- FA Cup Final at the new Wembley Stadium
- Football (Soccer) Internationals
ITV Sport:
- UEFA Champions League Final in Athens
- International Boxing from Cardiff

Ever wondered what rain looks like in slow motion?

The UK has been inundated with rain recently - see the rain in slow motion as it hits against the window (taken with a nac High-Speed Camera at 1,000 fps.).


Watch the following televised events to see slow motion images from the nac Memrecam High Speed Cameras:

  • NFL Dallas at Chicago- September 23, 2007
  • NHRA, September 2-3, 2007 (Indianapolis, IN.) - ESPN2
  • GOLF, September 1-2, 2007 (NBC)
  • X Games 13, August 2-5, 2007 (Los Angeles, CA) - ESPN…check schedule
  • 2007 MLB Home Run Derby on Monday, July 9 (San Francisco, California - AT&T Park) - ESPN
  • US Open Golf Tournament on June 16 and 17 - NBC (Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, PA)
  • Exploring Time on the Science Channel (USA) - March 18 - Check your local TV listing for airing time
  • PGA - Bay Hill - March 17 and 18
  • PGA - Doral - March 24 and 25
  • Rugby Union Guinness Premiership
  • Rugby Union Heineken Cup
  • Horse Racing at Newbury
  • Cheltenham Gold Cup
  • Six Nations International Championship (Rugby Union Internationals)

HotShot 1280 pci featured on TV Show in Spain…

Recently, the nac HotShot 1280 pci was used on a television show in Spain where viewers had the opportunity to see high speed events in slow motion. The 1280 pci is part of the lower cost family of high speed digital cameras. With speeds up to 20,000 fps. and frame rates up to 1280 X 1024, the HotShot 1280 pci is the perfect choice for a variety of applications where budget is a concern. See the slow motion videos captured by the HotShot 1280 pci on this Spanish TV Show. Interested in more information on the HotShot 1280 pci? - See the Data Sheet

nac Cameras were used during the MLB Home Run Derby…

Home Run Derby

As seen on MSN Fox News, a future home run hitter takes aim at nac High-Speed Camera.

See additional photos on MSN Fox Sports

The proof is in the picture! The only way to compare digital images is to COMPARE digital images!

Have you ever “researched” television sets and made up your mind which TV “sounds” like the best deal – only to get to the store and look at the pictures of different sets side-by-side…and then decided on a totally different television set based on the quality of the picture? Why? You have to SEE the difference!

Data Sheets and specifications do not tell the entire story when describing something that requires the use of one of our five “senses”. Words cannot fully describe the smell of a rose, the feel of baby’s skin, the sound of coyote’s “scream”, the taste of freshly baked bread, or the picture of fireworks exploding in the night sky.

When you are in the market for a high-speed camera – the same philosophy holds true. A wise shopper compares (sees) the quality of the image(s) produced prior to making a purchase decision. Specifications alone can be misleading – different camera manufacturers may use the same sensor, but the images from these cameras look different from each other. One camera may boast of a higher resolution – but when you look at the image, the picture appears “grainy” or “blurry” or “too dark” or the colors are not as vivid.

Before making a major investment in a high-speed camera – compare the images from different cameras on YOUR application! Just because one manufacturer may “show” you a great image taken from their camera – ask for a demo! See the visible difference!

You can view “cool” images taken with high-speed cameras…

A Japanese television show features a variety of slow motion events shot with nac high-speed cameras - view this super cool video (almost 10 minutes long) that gives the viewer an idea of the detail that can be captured using a high-speed camera.  By slowing down a variety of events, the high-speed camera provides the opportunity to “see” things that happen too fast for the human eye to see.

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