nac adds experience to the North Central US sales force….

nac Image Technology is pleased to announce the appointment of Kent Peterson as Regional Sales Manager for nac High-Speed Imaging Systems in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Kent brings a strong background in industrial sales to his position,  having worked with nac Image Technology and other  remote vision  inspection equipment product lines since 1998.  His background began in Nondestructive Testing where Kent learned about imaging requirements for research & development documentation along with the need for capturing high-speed images for analysis.

In addition to his work in industrial sales, Kent has been employed by Goodrich Aerospace in the Failure Analysis Lab.  His responsibilities included the evaluation of products for NASA, military and commercial aircraft products - where extreme quality standards and strong attention to detail are a requirement.

Kent’s past endeavors have set the bar for his own expectations.  Kent maintains that these high expectations will be a benefit to customers looking for the “perfect fit” in a high speed camera.  He has found that not only do nac’s products meet a high industry standard, but that they also exceed those standards.  With the knowledge that nac has provided quality and reliability since 1958, Kent can confidently state that “when it comes to reliable, digital, high quality high speed camera systems, make the safe choice with nac and you’ll see the visible difference in your business!

nac High Speed Cameras for upcoming 2008 sporting events…

nac High Speed Cameras were used for the action during the NHL All Star game on Versus January 26-27, 2008. Starting in February, nac High Speed Cameras will be used for NBC Golf featuring the men’s PGA events. Additionally, nac High Speed Cameras will be used for “slow-motion” shots during the NHL Hockey play-offs, the NBA All-Star game and major league baseball on Turner - TBS Baseball.

nac announces new high speed camera representative with automotive background for the midwestern United States….

December 1, 2007 -

nac Image Technology is pleased to announce the appointment of John Cheyne of Crash Lab Support (CLS) as the exclusive sales representative for nac High-Speed Imaging Systems in the states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

John Cheyne has worked in the occupant safety industry a a control & measurement systems engineer since 1990, and has extensive experience in crash safety testing. In 2003, John established Crash Lab Support in order to provide high-quality products and services to the occupant safety industry. To our global customer base, Crash Lab Support is more than just a sales agency; CLS is a value-added integrator bringing hands-on experience and useful information to the equation. Additionally, John is an active member of SAE and a member of the Kettering University Crash Advisory Board.

John’s extensive background in the automotive safety industry make him and CLC a valuable asset, not only to nac, but also to automotive customers looking for assistance in selecting the appropriate equipment for their high-speed imaging requirements.

When asked about his new role as a Sales Representative for nac products, John replied, “After many years of working with the nac team and integrating their imaging products, I am very excited to further support our customers with this impressive product line.”

Parcel Shelf

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Rear Window

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Airbag Deployment

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Automotive Industry Test Videos

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Crash Test Dummies have helped save numerous lives over the years…

Soon after the production of commercial automobiles, the need arose to develop a means of gathering and analyzing information on the effects of automobile accidents on human bodies. Most sources agree that “Sierra Sam” was the first crash test dummy. The idea for studying the effects of a crash on the human body originated in the late 1940s when the U.S. Air Force studied the safety of the aircraft ejection seats. A 200-pound male dummy developed by Sierra Engineering was used to evaluate the ejection seats in tests, but he was not much more than a mannequin and the researchers were not able to gather all the data they wanted. As a result, the Air Force sought human volunteers.

Crash test dummies are full scale replicas of human beings. Read more on the history of crash test dummies……and the crash test dummy “family”…

High-Speed Cameras (such as those manufactured by nac Image Technology) play an important role in safety testing.

Test Dummy

nac begins deliveries of the new Memrecam GX-1 High-Speed Camera in 3Q07!

nac’s newest model high-speed camera, the Memrecam GX-1, has begun arriving at facilities around the world - See the Press Release:
GX-1 Deliveries Begin in 3Q07

nac High Speed Cameras to be used on TBS during NATIONAL LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYOFFS

nac High Speed cameras will capture slow motion shots during the baseball’s National League playoff games on TBS.

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