The proof is in the picture! The only way to compare digital images is to COMPARE digital images!

Have you ever “researched” television sets and made up your mind which TV “sounds” like the best deal – only to get to the store and look at the pictures of different sets side-by-side…and then decided on a totally different television set based on the quality of the picture? Why? You have to SEE the difference!

Data Sheets and specifications do not tell the entire story when describing something that requires the use of one of our five “senses”. Words cannot fully describe the smell of a rose, the feel of baby’s skin, the sound of coyote’s “scream”, the taste of freshly baked bread, or the picture of fireworks exploding in the night sky.

When you are in the market for a high-speed camera – the same philosophy holds true. A wise shopper compares (sees) the quality of the image(s) produced prior to making a purchase decision. Specifications alone can be misleading – different camera manufacturers may use the same sensor, but the images from these cameras look different from each other. One camera may boast of a higher resolution – but when you look at the image, the picture appears “grainy” or “blurry” or “too dark” or the colors are not as vivid.

Before making a major investment in a high-speed camera – compare the images from different cameras on YOUR application! Just because one manufacturer may “show” you a great image taken from their camera – ask for a demo! See the visible difference!

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